Business Ideas and Revenue Model for your online classifieds website

Online classifieds are now the booming sector, as they gain huge popularity steadily by serving flexible and economical ways of advertising when compared to other platforms. Whereas millions of people access classified websites in search of their multiple requirements like jobs, automotive, pets, properties, and much more. Get to know the statistics of the classifieds website below to know its positive impacts,

  • The annual growth rate of ad spending is expected a rise in market volume by 3.35% of US$22,550m by 2025
  • Globally, China is the most ad spending country by generating US$6,491m in 2021
  • In the classifieds category, 45% of the ads spent will be generated from mobile devices by 2025. 
  • Through mobile devices, the classified segment would expect a rise of 1.4% in 2022. 

Now you might have a grip on the classifieds industry. Getting further, In this blog, I have jotted down the top revenue model and some startup business ideas for ambitious entrepreneurs to pick the best that suits their business requirements. 

First here we go with the top business model for your classified website,

#1 Automobile Classifieds

online classifieds

According to automotive buyers, 86% of users research online before they buy anything on automobile products and services. Since the automobile industry is quite vast with varied product range, spares, and other services, it’s quite reliable for you to categorize and showcase them with a classified website. Where it drives more potential buyers and is easy to negotiate with the deals offered. 

A dedicated automobile classified platform is very much easier to list the wide range of automobiles, spares, and services with a buy and sell functionality on a classified website, which will for sure dazzle your users in the long run. To establish such an awe-inspiring platform you should pick the highly robust and customizable car classifieds script with apps, that easily adapt to your business requirement. 

#2 Real Estate Classifieds

online classifieds

If you are passionate about real estate or a well-established offline real estate entrepreneur or investor. The real estate classified script is a boon for you. It helps you bring potential clients to your website with worldwide exposure to your business. With a versatile classifieds script, you can easily launch all types of real estate businesses like Residential, Land, Industrial, or Commercial. 

Entrepreneurs can also generate revenue through features like subscriptions, listings, value-added services on loans and mortgages, premium features, featured ads, and, registrations. 

#3 Pet Classifieds

online classifieds

Pet fanatics can adorably launch their exclusive pet classifieds to connect numerous pet lovers around. Online pet stores are evident for the boundless technology improvement. 

You can also innovate your online pet classified by selling pets along with its accessories like pet food, leashes, collars, toys, and pet services like pet grooming, pet sitting, pet walking, pet training, pet care, etc. 

The challenging part involved in setting up the pet classifieds is integrating the rescues and shelters from different locations for the users to fetch them easily. Statistics put forth the pet care market is expected to rise by 48.94 billion USD during 2021-2025. 

#4 Job Classifieds

online classifieds

Job portals are a boundless searching industry that never goes out of the market. Job listing portals are the easiest classifieds business model to reinvest. As digital technology rapidly grows, it’s necessary to leverage the recruiting industry too. It’s very much helpful for job seekers to find jobs. 

With a versatile classified script, entrepreneurs can easily launch different job listing websites like general job listings, job boards, and, job aggregators. 

#5 Kids products Classifieds 

online classifieds

Launching one-stop kids products and services is the next startup business model for the classified website. To sustain in this business you need to invest your time in understanding kids-oriented stuff. 

The entire website should be categorized well by including all the baby essentials from A to Z. Kid’s perspectives are adorable so you need to focus more on the user experience and design of your kids classified to attract more mothers who order online to their little one. Check out firstcry and toysrus or any exclusive kids website to gain more about kids products and services to thrive well in this venture. An added tip would be that mompreneurs can flourish well in this niche. 

#6 Textile Classifieds

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If you own textile manufacture or industry, this business suits you the best. You can launch an exclusive website to showcase your design, patterns with a feature buy them, or a full-fledged textile classified that lets small-scale textile proprietors list their catalogs to sell them. 

The textile business has two variants, conventional and technical textiles. Conventional textiles include fabrics on apparel and decoration. Whereas Technical textiles include Mobile textiles, Geotextiles, Construction textiles, Industrial textiles, Medical textiles, Safety textiles, Smart or Intelligent textiles. Pick the type of textile which suits your existing business to comprehensively sustain your online venture. 

#7 Fashion Classifieds

online classifieds

The fashion industry has stepped into the classifieds dimension too. Entrepreneurs can establish fashion classified that includes all fashion-related resources like fashion recruitments, fashion news on upcoming events, listing for modeling requirements, and much more. 

The fashion industry is expected to peak by $712.9 billion in 2022. The great advantage of setting up your fashion website with a classified script is you can sell and also list the services of the fashion industry under a single platform. 

#8 All in one classifieds

online classifieds

The typical horizontal classifieds consist of all the categories and varied industries listings in a single platform. This business model includes all products and services that attract a wide range of users. And, this kind of all-in-one classifieds will never flop among users. 

Hope you acquired ideas to tweak your online business with a classified script. The next would be the revenue model, which is the core of any online business to generate revenue for the website. Some of the top revenue-generating models are quoted as follows,


These are the most common and top revenue-yielding factors of any online business. In a classified website, when the order is delivered successfully, the commission of the admin gets deducted and the remaining order value is transferred to the seller. 

This premium ad concept was obtained from the classifieds website. The seller can pay a premium fee to feature their listings or highlight their ads at the top among the search results.  

Banner Campaigns

Banner events yield a greater profit to the admin of the website, with regular banner events. Sellers can pay a fee to the admin by lime lighting their advertisement to the banner events. 

Google AdSense

Ads by Google is now the top revenue-generating model for all online businesses. Admin can link the Google AdSense account to their classifieds website, Ads will get displayed relevant to the website. The revenue generated will be based on the post or ads per click. 

When your website has free functionalities along with these valid value-added services for sure your online classifieds business will sustain among users in the long run. 

Final Thoughts

Commencing an online business is not that easy. A proper understanding and updated views over the business you are about to plunge into is necessary to prosper in any of your classifieds business ventures. Tackle all the obstacles in the classifieds industry with the right classified business solution that fits your business requirements tagged with a set of revenue models to streamline the profit of your classifieds business. May your classified business venture get immense success with prosperity.