classified script
classified script

RentifieD unified Classified script with Rental Marketplace

RentifieD, The most anticipated rental classified script that integrates classified business with the rental marketplace is the new normal trend is under development. To get more updates on the release, subscribe here.

    What is RentifieD Script?

    Classified Script

    RentifieD owns an online Classified platform that manages the Buying and Selling necessities of the users globally. To establish an outstanding online classified marketplace with mobile apps within a short period as a startup. It’s better to go with a pre-made unique classified script.

    Rental Marketplace

    RentifieD is an online rental solution that helps in developing a full-fledged online rental marketplace, With significant features to add rent for any type of products like equipment, car, gadgets, boats, automobiles, etc. areRentifieD ready-made script is the best option to reach your niche to set up a rental business within a minimal time.

    Product Features

    classified script
    classified script

    Featured listings

    RentifieD Promoted listing can be tagged as Featured ads to Rent or Sale. With this effective attribute of a rental classified script, the visibility of the products increases to attain more sell or rent value. with Featured ads, buyers can find their needed listings quickly.

    Banner Campaigns

    Our unique rental and the classified script permit the admin to earn revenue through banner campaigns. In general, banners are always the eye-catcher, adapting them in an online classified marketplace improvises the quality of the user’s search experience.

    Search by city

    Users can look for the listings nearby to them, with this City-based search feature of our rental classified script. For renting needs city-based search works well like users can find renters around their location for quick access to them.

    Flexible rental option

    The momentous feature of a rental classified script is to avail of flexible booking slots. Renters are able to list their rental products on an hour and day basis. With this option, users can rent the products at their convenience.

    Sale with RentifieD

    With this mandatory feature in a typical classifieds ads script, users can reach out to each other to buy and sell products readily.

    Instant Chat

    RentifieD Guests can have an instant chat with the host of the particular product directly and instantly through this live chat feature. And the Users and Sellers can share the images to get more ideas about the product in our best classified script.

    classified script
    classified script

    Explicit listing type

    The search option of the rental classified script is more precise to add products based on the type of listing. In this way, users can fetch items to their requirement of either buying or renting them. Buyers can find their search results by listing type along with its location.

    Search Filter

    The advanced search filter option of the Classified ads script, allows users to search listings with filters like finding items by Price, location, and Listing type.

    Multilevel Categories

    A well-constructed classified ads script should inherit a multilevel category option to list them orderly. For instance, users can search for sub-category products like peripherals under the main category computer.

    RentifieD Orders

    The order and rental details are maintained under my sale section for the seller and host. Whereas the user’s order and rental details are tracked under my order section. With the sort by sale or rental option, it’s easy to differentiate the listings.

    Ratings and Reviews

    The rating and reviews tab in the profile page is the most important feature of a rental classified script to obtain trust over the listings. The buyer or guest can rate the host or seller between 1 to 5.

    Distinct Booking / Buying

    Listings can be easily booked for rental on a convenient hourly and daily basis. To buy an item, the user can purchase it directly with one click to make their payment for the current listing.

    classified script
    One Time Payment


    classified script   iOS App

    classified script   Android App

    classified script   Free Installation

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    classified script   100% source code

    Pricing Plan For Rental Classified script

    This is a one-time payment for the source code with a single domain license which does not include the charges of server, domain, Play store, app store cost, and third party cost. No other hidden cost with our PHP classified script. Invest and launch your dream business of a classified rental marketplace to reach your niche. Contact us to know more about our customizable solutions.

    Revenue Models

    Google Adsense

    An additional revenue factor of google Adsense is inherited in our readymade classified ads script with the rental marketplace. By allowing the google pay-per-click ads the admin of the website can earn a commission.

    Banner Advertising

    Admin of the website can run paid banner events for the advertisers or sellers to increase their listings reach. For each banner ad, the admin can set varied charges based on the listing type.

    Commissions Management

    For each transaction processed in the rental classified script, the admin can set up a commission worldwide on the backend for every sale and rental booking By utilizing this feature, the admin can earn more revenue in the Rental Marketplace.

    Featured Promotion

    Featuring ads is now the most preferred way to highlight a seller’s or host’s listing prominently on the website’s homepage. The admin can set ad plans at the admin panel for each featured ad to boost those listings on the website.

    More Features

    Social Login or Register

    User-oriented sign in or sign up via social profiles like Facebook, Google, email, and Apple ID option is available in our buy and sell script. This enables instant authentication to the users to access the website.

    Invite Friend

    With the invite friends feature, users can promote the website or the listings among their friends to boost reach for the items and more traffic to the site. Invite links are generated to share among the friend's circle.

    RentifieD Favorites

    Our rental marketplace enables users to mark their interested listings under the favorites section to save for a later purpose. So, the users can retrieve back to favorites for the future order


    RentifieD, our classified script with a rental marketplace supports all types of currencies available in Stripe. Since our rental classified script covers users worldwide. It’s significant to enable currencies for user convenience


    When a website is global, it should enable a multilingual layout for the users to access the marketplace with their language for a good user experience. For online businesses like rental and classifieds, it lets users engage effectively with their local language.

    User validation

    Email verification is done for each user profile to avoid duplicate users. Without email validation, no users can access the marketplace to buy, sell, host and rent from it. User validation reduces the risk of fraud within the marketplace.


    Push notifications are always the instant way to connect with the users to get notified on any promotion campaigns, offers, order confirmations, order details, gentle reminders, and also with recent updates in the marketplace.


    RentifieD enables users to manage their profile information and manage Push notifications and mail campaigns that pop-ups on their notification tab. Users can manage their profile details in the settings section.

    Social share

    Our best classified ads script allows users to share the listings on various social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. This increases the reach for the products and generates quality backlinks.

    OTP Delivery authentication

    RentifieD Delivery System generates a unique OTP code for each processed order which helps in authentication of selling and booking to the users. The OTP code is required to authorize the order to get it delivered.

    Admin Dashboard

    Our customizable rental classified script integrates with a user-friendly Admin panel with analytical metrics and statistics for better site management. With the statistical graph, the admin can analyze the growth of the marketplace.

    classified script

    RentifieD rental classified script with first-string technologies

    RentifieD is curiously crafted with splendidly seasoned technologies that are highly secured to the rental classified script. We crafted Rentified with technologies viz Laravel, VueJs, MongoDB, Flutter, RestAPI..etc

    Why choose us?

    MindLeef provides installation, rebranding, and app submission for  free for one time with 6 month free support. These all automatically enable once the purchase is done .  These costs are not included in the pricing.

    Free Installation

    MindLeef has an expert technical team that provides free installation service for our Classified Script with Rental Marketplace. Upon receiving the server or host details, our team will run the web and app installation for free for the first time.

    Free Rebranding

    MindLeef team will avail you of the brand color and logo for the very first time. RentifieD logo without value is narcissism, so rebrand your online marketplace and scale up your dream business with our advanced Classified Script with Rental Marketplace.

    Free App Submission

    MindLeef will look after the Android and IOS app submission for free with the app store’s guidelines and play store for the first time. If there is any rejection, the app will get resubmitted with necessary modifications till the app gets approved.

    Free Support

    MindLeef Provides free support for 6months on every product purchase. The support period starts from the date of purchase right from the Installation till delivery. Utilizing the support period the client can fix the issues but not the features.

    100% Source code

    MindLeef Provides 100% source code for android and IOS apps. For the Web 1% of files are used for licensing domain purposes, those licensed files will not affect any future customization. You will have 100% control over the Web source code too.

    Rentified merge of Classified script and Rental Marketplace

    Why varied marketplaces for rental and classifieds business? when they can be integrated as advanced classified scripts with the rental marketplace. Yes, RentifieD is a classified marketplace that has a rental feature. With this marketplace, you can add listings to sell and rent too. The united features and functionality of the script will make your online business leverage an effective user experience. We opted for the most significant trends and strategies for improving your rental revenue.


    To be crisp, with RentifieD you can set up your dream classified marketplace where any type of listings like vehicle, boat, property, camera, and a lot more gadgets can also be rented which is the recent top trend. Our rental classified script is crafted with virtually splendid technologies to get a great user interface with a high-performing database.

    Why Flutter ?

    Flutter, the most effective cross-platform which is not distinguishable from the native app. Single code to develop both android and IOS app. Flutter is far better at working with complex UI animation scenarios. The User Interface is highly expressive and they are highly adaptable to various screens.. The app is directly built in the machine code, The performance bugs are eliminated in the interpretation process itself. The process of developing the app is much faster, flexible, and versatile, thus reduces the overall development duration.


    Flutter transited from a cross-platform mobile application framework which provides a quick and easy way for the developers to code the app. Also, it helps the app to get released in a short duration. It is suitable for all targeted platforms and minimizes the risks of the business. Maintenance of the app is quite easy.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can see the live demo apps on our website. If you need more detail Please write to us [email protected]

    Opertating System : Linux
    PHP 7.4, Laravel 8, mongodb 4.4, Ioncube 10.2

    Minimum 2Gb RAM, 50 Gb Hard disk, 3 TB transfer. 

    No, We have implemented ioncube for single domain licensing purposes, We have just used 1% of the source code files which will not affect the custom work by you in the future.

    We provide the license to work on a single domain or in a single IP. If you try to install in another domain or IP the script will not work.

    Sure, with the help of our document along with the package, you can do the installation by yourself.

    Yes, Once the installation is done we will provide you the updated source code. In that updated source code you can customize when you need it.

    No there is no hidden cost, you are paying only for the source code. All other requirements like server, domain, third-party should be paid by your side.

    Yes, you can integrate a new payment gateway, You will be charged extra for customizing the code for integrating a new payment gateway. The default RentifieD will support a stripe payment gateway and wire transfer for payment methods. You can either add or delete the existing payment gateway as per your requirements.