How to Promote and Increase the Traffic of Online Classifieds

Classified websites are popular among people who prefer to buy pre-loved stuff online. Did you know why people prefer online classifieds websites? Of course, it has a wide range of items on the website with attractive deals. Classifieds websites are time-saving for the users who prefer online. 

online classifieds

Nowadays, starting a classified website is not a big task. But promoting it is a big task due to the tough competition in the classifieds market. First, Users should get attracted to your online classifieds. Then, they can post ads, buy items, buy or sell on your website.

In this blog, you will find some tips that contribute to achieving visible results. The blog divides into two sections.

The first section puts up the viewpoints that relate to the content of your classifieds. The second section handles the activities when your classifieds are live & to proceed.

You can find some reliable and valuable insight on how to boost your classifieds website.

Optimizing the Structure of your Website

online classifieds


The exact category structure of the online classifieds site is a crucial thing. Make sure the ads categories are clear and user-oriented. Design categories in a simple and relevant way for the users to add listings in the right section. Also, the search engine indexes the classifieds ads website.

When your users can’t find what they look up for, they will move from the website. To meet the perfect structure of your classifieds website takes time. It takes time on how you can design an expandable and definite category structure.

It’s better, to begin with, a few categories and increasing the resources. It is necessary to start from the base categories and to structure them.

Consider excluding extra categories on your classifieds website, which is almost irrelevant.


Location is the main factor of a well-structured classified ads website. When you are focussing on specific classifieds types, like real estate. 

Opt for advanced solutions for map services like Google maps or OpenStreetMap. Focus on designing the exact location structure. Begin with one town or region. Further, expand the location availability of your ads.


SEO is the method of acquiring top rank in search engines such as Google. All website wants to be top as possible in the search engine results for the user’s search term. It’s the best strategy to promote a website in the context of long-term Results.

You can fix this issue of SEO-optimized websites by content from the design of the website. The main factor is that the content should contain the focus keywords. 

Also, Another way is the appropriate link building or the perfect image description. 

Also, SEO is the best way to make your online classifieds website accessible. To generate more traffic to your classifieds website,

  • Update content that is useful for the users on your online classifieds ads website.
  • Redirect the best backlinks
  • Guest blogging
  • Post dedicated and guiding content for the users in LinkedIn.
  • Make your online classifieds more responsive.
  • A mobile-responsive website is mandatory to serve mobile users.
  • Analytical insights and data are necessary.


The content of your website should get optimized for Google ranking. Ranking your classifieds website covers studies, copywriting, and some more factors.

Make sure that you use best-researched keywords & phrases in your content. Also, ensure the content is fresh, the URL is user-oriented, and SEO-optimized.

Keyword database

Also, own a clear analysis of the keyword data for your online classifieds. Track what are the most often keywords used by the competitors. Like users might search for terms like used mobile or used cars.

What are the ways to improve the classifieds ads website traffic technical wise:

  • Offer free access to many activities of the website, Like listing some ads without charge.
  • Design your website easier to use. Smooth navigation and user experience are the best you can give your users. They should get accessed to any content quick way.
  • Your classifieds website should be hassle-free and secure for the users.
  • Allow users to explore different styles to publish ads to their wish.

Creating your classifieds website is only the beginning. The efforts get succeeded when the website attracts and access by the users.

Online activities

Use Social Media Well

Promoting your classifieds website is the most effective way to drive traffic. Put forth all your classifieds services on social media to attract social users. You can create an account and page of the website and add user-oriented content to market it. Attract more users through offers, deals, and discounts. Promoting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram gains huge results for your website. Also, this is practical nowadays. 

online classifieds


If you’ve small resources, you may advertise your classifieds website in cost-effective ways.

You can also do affiliate with other classifieds, social media, or AdWords from google. These ways are good to start.

Advertising on Fb, Instagram, and Twitter gives effective results. 

Interact with your target audience or niche

Engage with your users to get feedback & suggestions for your classifieds website. 

Blog comments, product feedbacks, reviews help. 

The chatbot saves a potential chat by responding to your visitors.

Make sure a well-maintained relationship with the users will bring positive results.                                                                                                                                                                                    For Instance, you can send your users queries like

 “Are you satisfied with our product delivered?” or “Satisfied with our website?” and inspire revisiting with messages like “visit our website.

Any interaction from the admin side to the user is pleasing and invokes a good impact in user’s minds. 

What are the ways to get more visitors to the classifieds website?

There are ways to generate traffic to your website and gain potential visitors. 

Nothing excites visitors like the chance to get something for free, win, or buy at a promotional deal. Thus don’t forget to offer giveaways, offers, ads for the valued products. It is certain to send a newsletter to your subscribers to update them with the occurrence of your site.

Below are the ways to attract users to your classifieds website:

  • YouTube: Generate traffic from YouTube and other video platforms by posting and commenting.
  • Blog comments: Search for favorite, live blogs about your business.
  • Posting Forum: Join the forum and post engaging content to let users know you.
  • Guest blogging: find top websites where you can post your content.


What to do to make users post ads on your online classifieds?

  • Include all main categories in your list to allow users to post more ads on the classifieds website.
  • Never make limits for the users to post ads.
  • Give added features to post ads.
  • Bump up the recent and new ads at the top list
  • Favor your users, by all means, to post ads on your classified site
  • You should be knowledgeable of complete classified website design.

How Popular Classifieds Website Attracted More Users 

LetGo is free to use local classifieds that ease the trade of pre-loved goods. Also, it optimizes for mobile, supports video ads, AI, and image recognition.

Gumtree is a British-based online classified and community-based website in the United Kingdom. 

The success of the Carousell classifieds is due to the idea to ease user’s buy and sell experience. The motto of its founder was the selling should be as easy as clicking a photo. And buying should be as convenient as chatting. 

OLX site is smooth to navigate and concentrates on mobile and neat advertising. They own a unique communication strategy that ensures entire brand appeal. Olx is accessible by anyone despite their social and geological status.

At Dubizzle, they focussed on creating a user-oriented environment that attracts more users. They figured out the difficulties end-users faces to find items and jobs and sort them out.


Of course, many ways to build and promote online classifieds than the points listed above. One cannot predicts which is the successful strategy. It depends on the state of the race, the recent market position, and other circumstances.

Practice the best fitting tips for your classifieds site with local SEO optimization. 

  1. Create your My Google Business Account
  2. Take Regular Feedbacks from Happy users and add it to your website.
  3. Optimize your website for Voice Search
  4. Plan Content on Local News, events, and stories.
  5. Optimize Your classified website as mobile responsive.
  6. Find Local search terms and Keywords.
  7. Apply Location Pages like About Us Page.
  8. Enable Schema Markup to Your classified website.
  9. Add NAP Citations to your classified website.
  10. Post your online classifieds Business to Local Directories.

I hope the principles are worth retaining. Many of them are long-term. You can achieve greater even with small resources on the website.