Offerup clone v2.0

Get our OfferUp clone app, Set your mobile classified, Let your local users buy and sell pre-loved stuff.

offerup clone
offerup clone
offerup clone

Prime features of OfferUp clone

Promotional Ads

Sellers can feature their ads on the homepage with a fee as promotions to increase its visibility among users.

In-built chat system

To facilitate instant communication between the seller and buyer on listings-related queries without sharing their info.

Search by categories

To bring more personalized search results, users can opt for category-based search for the listings.

offerup clone

How OfferUp clone props up your online classifieds venture?

Digitalization influences users greatly to rely on the internet for everything. From there, the revolution of online businesses drastically evolved and makes everything handy to the users. Among the revolution, the online classifieds business made its huge stride by serving the users incredibly.

One of them is the phenomenal OfferUp clone tagged with flutter app technology, which set up a full-fledged classified ads site to serve hundreds of thousands of sellers and buyers to meet their demands with a flawless app experience for mobile users. 

Search by location

Location-based search results fetch relevant ads that are nearer to your locality, facilitating easy access to reach them.

Explicit listing

Sellers can add their listings more precisely with the product’s condition, location, and categories.

User feedbacks

Ratings and reviews are the foundation to build the reputation of your brand that lets other users buy the product confidently.

offerup clone
offerup clone

Top revenue-generating model of OfferUp clone

Featured promotion

Admin can earn revenue by charging a fee to feature their ads. To boost sales sellers can promote their ads.

Commission per sale

OfferUp clone allows the admin of the website to earn commission on each successful transaction.

Google Ads

By integrating the most trending Ads by google, revenue-generating model. Admin can make money by placing relevant ads on your OfferUp clone marketplace.

Banner Advertisement

One of the top revenue models of many online stores. Sellers promote their advertisements with banners by highlighting them on the homepage.

More features of our flutter OfferUp clone app

Switch Language and Currency

OfferUp clone app allows users to change language and currencies to their convenience to enable a better user experience.

Product Detail Page

An exclusive product detail page of our Flutter OfferUp clone with more information of the product like price, product type, condition, location, ratings, and reviews.

Social Media Feed

Sellers can able to share their ad listings to their social media feeds/profiles like Facebook and Twitter to engage those users.

Manage payments

Admin manages each transaction, by deducting the commission upon successfully processed orders before releasing the payment to the sellers.

Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard of the OfferUp clone provides complete control of the website like managing the listings, users, payments, and much more

Users Management

The admin can able to view the user details and also can block the users who are inappropriate and spam in your online marketplace.

One Time Payment


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Pricing Plan For Offerup Clone

This is a one-time payment for the source code with a single domain license which does not include the charges of server, domain, Play store, app store cost, and third party cost. No other hidden cost with our PHP classified script. Invest and launch your dream business of a Offerup Clone to reach your niche. Contact us to know more about our customizable solutions.

Why choose us

MindLeef provides free installation, rebranding, app submission, and support for 6 months.

Free Installation

We provide a free installation to run the OfferUp clone script on your server. You can give us your server credentials upon successful product purchase to get it installed.

Free Rebranding

We assist with the free rebranding with your brand color and logo for your website. To prevent narcissism, it is mandatory to rebrand your OfferUp clone marketplace to build a reputation.

Free App Submission

MindLeef tech team supports free apps submission for Android and IOS with the app store and play store guidelines. In terms of rejection, the apps will be resubmitted with the issue fix to get it approved.

Free Support

We offer a free support period of 6months, starts right from the product purchase to offer support to set up your dream website. Issues with the script can be fixed free within the support period. The client can renew the support.

100% Customizable Source code

MindLeef Provides 100% source code for both android and IOS apps. For the web, 1% of files are utilized for licensing, which will not affect the script customization. You own 100% control over the source code provided.

Change log

Frontend Apps: 

  1. Instant Buy / Buynow option
  2. Ratings & Reviews
  3. Google Location Search 
  4. Featured Ads / Promote Ads
  5. My Orders & My Sales
  6. Distance wise filter
  7. Google map location on product page
  8. Sign in with Apple for iOS app.
  9. Stripe payment gateway

Admin Panel:

  1. Manage Promotion – Featured Ad 
  2. Manage Orders
  1. Instant chat with online & typing status
  2. Push notification by using FCM
  3. Language option with RTL
  4. Google Ads integrated
  5. Email verification
  6. Bug fixes and performance improvements

Frontend – Apps

  1. Signup – Facebook, Google & Email signup
  2. Login – Facebook, Google & Email
  3. Home page – With Banner. 
  4. Products listed – Home page. 
  5. Category based search. 
  6. Advanced Filter search.  
  7. City based Location search. 
  8. Product Title based search. 
  9. Notifications Page 
  10. Chat – Product based 
  11. Add a Listing 
  12. Multi image upload option for product
  13. Product By category
  14. Like and Dislike option for Product
  15. Product Share – Facebook, whatsapp, Twitter
  16. Manage My Listings.  
  17. Manage Favorite Listings. 
  18. Multiple Languages. 
  19. Manage settings – Password, Notification & mail on/off
  20. Invite Friends 
  21. Contact us 
  22. Mail Alerts 
  23. Help Pages 

Admin Panel:

  1. Dashboard with Statistics 
  2. Manage Users
  3. Manage Products/listings
  4. Manage Categories – Three Level 
  5. Manage Currecny & Product Conditions 
  6. Manage Site settings
  7. Banner Management 
  8. SMTP settings 
  9. Logo Management
  10. Help Management

Do OfferUp clone adapts multiple classifieds facet?

Certainly, a customizable OfferUp clone will tweak your innovative ideas to get into any classifieds business. The reliability of a business model purely depends on its user-friendly features and how it flexibly adapts to various businesses.

offerup clone

Disclaimer for Offerup Clone

Please note the views and term Offerup clone or any other clone used merely for our product’s promotional purpose only. This doesn’t certainly replica the opinions involved in the official Offerup company. In this way, the software development industry refers to build a web/app like Offerup or any other website. MindLeef ensures the complete design and codes are fully protected and developed by our own panel of developers and designers. No graphics, design, layouts have been (or) will be utilized from the official Offerup website/ apps. No direct or indirect promotional activities are dealt with Offerup. MindLeef is bound not to make any authorized infringement of any legal rights from the official Offerup website. Our customizable solution lets entrepreneurs set up a website/app like Offerup with our own layout and technical draft. However, we are not the replica of Offerup, as we provide our own versatile features and unique modifications to our solutions.